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Kerry Tarmac is a trusted household name in Tarmacadam

Tarmac is perfect for areas used by vehicles, driveways, roads, courts, sports centre's and forecourts of all descriptions

Kerry Tarmacadam & Groundworks

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Over 2000+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Bespoke Work industry

Making is our main business, servicing County Councils and Local Authorities, as well as the commercial sector, warehouses, hospitals, schools, residential housing developments and domestic clients.

Experienced Tarmacers

Many years of tarmac experienced in the county of Kerry have built us a good reputation and rapport with clients. We have decided to gather a collection of tarmac, chipping & line marking contracts we have completed for clients across Kerry.

Successful Company

Our success is built on our customers who put their trust in us to deliver on quality, attention to detail, and value for money.

Our surfacing techniques have gained us a reputation for creating beautiful surfaces that often exceed there lifetime.

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We use our experience to make your life better...

Tarmacadam is a clean, long lasting, versatile product also used for paths & playgrounds. Tarmac comes in different colours & styles.

Kerry Tarmacadam also offer landscaping services in Kerry & beyond. We make sure to use only the finest materials so you get the best possible last & finish on any groundwork, driveways & roadworks.

Our employees are fully trained on latest methodologies. Everyone is skilled in machine & manually laid tarmac for domestic, business & commercial purposes. Athea Tarmacadam has a proven track record in commercial road ground work as well as three decades in domestic tarmac & landscape

Discover how we make a difference in your life

The most effective way to show our tarmac work is to offer you photos and customer testimonials of our work over the years. We do bespoke, custom tarmac driveways, tarmac groundwork solutions every day. If you have a question or specific requirement for your tarmac driveway or need some expert help in making that decision. Give us a call. We offer a free survey and quote.


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Sarah Jane

From the first meeting through to completion, The team were very knowledgeable. We will definitely be using them again. Best come with our highest recommendation.

Like any other material tarmac needs to be cleaned see our favorite tarmac and powerwashing team at